Can Mobile Phones Help Us Become Better Patients?

Patient Empowerment

Two-way communication through Mobile Technology

Extending Our capability Beyond Imagination

Our Mobile Phone Usage

A significant percentage of the population uses their smart phone for shopping, entertainment, social interactions, organizing, researching, and of course setting up appointments with a Doctor.

In studies, mobile apps have been shown to influence and improve behaviors related to nutrition and physical activities.

Our Mobile Phone Potential

Regular interaction with a mobile phone has the potential to help us stay on top of our health – be it regular exercise or timely meals or medications. Our mobile phone can extend our ability to take care of ourselves in the following smart ways:

  • Providing us a daily reminder of the Doctor’s recommendations
  • Monitor our progress without bias
  • The app can leverage AI and/or psychological techniques to reinforce our progress or handle deterioration in constructive ways
  • Inform our progress to the Doctor’s office in a non-intrusive manner

As in other areas, mobile phones will make an impact on our health in a positive way. Be it in consuming timely medications, or in communicating our symptoms like temperatures, BP and sugar levels to the caregiver, or following the Doctor’s advice in the areas of physical activity or nutrition, or keeping our mindset in good control and subsequently establishing a seamless communication with our healthcare providers. The caregiver has a potential to proactively manage our symptoms and health.

This, ultimately, will help us become better patients.