An Introduction

A mobile app that revolutionizes patient care

An introductions to the AmazingCareAssist© mobile app and how it can help chronic patients meet their healthcare goals. AmazingCareAssist© is a revolutionary mobile app that that leverages active patient monitoring and proven psychological techniques to improve patient motivation. 

New Patient Set Up

Instructions for Providers on how to set up a new patient on the AmazingCareAssist© application.

Mobile App Installation and Data Entry

Instructions on how to install the AmazingCareAssist© app on your mobile mobile phone or tablet.

How-To Use the AmazingCareAssist Mobile App

Instructions on how to use, enter data and answer your Doctor’s questions on  the AmazingCareAssist© mobile phone.

Amazing Care by

Amazing Care Clinic

Presentation on how Amazing Care Specialist Clinic and the AmazingCareAssist© mobile app can provide “amazing care” for our patients!